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Art in the Tent – silk scarf dyeing session

On Saturday I participated as part of the Art in the Tent activities at the Glascock Building.   This included some interactive art activities by Art in the Park Artists and some demos by local Maple Creek Artists.  This was part of the Taste of Maple Creek Festivities.  I offered sessions of my popular Silk Scarf Dyeing activities.  Due to the heat and humidity, I was set up inside the Glascock building with all the art on display. (I don’t do heat and humidity well).

Tables set up and ready to dye scarves

Tables set up and ready to dye scarves

I set up well before my sessions were scheduled.  I didn’t have any takers for the noon session – the food was ready to sell down at the other end of Jasper Street. I had to run home and get a bag of pipettes I had mistakenly taken out of the dyeing tote.

At 2 pm I had 6 people wanting to dye.  A mom and her 3 children plus another young fellow and his mom and an woman who was going to be dyeing a square to use as a head scarf.

sisters dyeing their scarves

sisters dyeing their scarves

Here are some of the finished scarves dyed by participants in the 2 pm session.  Children’s faces shown in photos are used with their mother’s permission.

Josie with her scarf.  her combo of purples and blues was lovely

Josie with her scarf. her combo of purples and blues was lovely


Josie's brother, Logan, with his scarf

Josie’s brother, Logan, with his scarf

Logan did something no one else has done in my workshops to my knowledge.  He dyed his whole scarf in one go without opening it and re-scrunching it.  He got good results with his technique. He used the Rider green with some other colours.

Liam with his scarf

Liam with his scarf

Liam dyed a scarf with his mom’s help.  They were camping out at Cypress Hills Park and decided to come in for the Taste of Maple Creek festivities.  He did his with some Rider colours – there was a game that started at the same time as our scarf dyeing session.

Joyce's scarf

Joyce’s scarf

Joyce used pumpkin with a pumpkin/brown combo for her 30 inch square scarf.  It came out lovely.  She enjoyed it so much, she came back for the 4 pm session to dye another 30 inch square in shades of blue.

It was a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon and the 3 fans I had going helped keep me from getting too hot until it was over.  Lots of folks dropped by to see what we were doing.


Cypress Hills 2013 Summer Sampler

Cypress Hills 2013 Summer Sampler

I am pleased to be one of the artists featured Saturday, May 11, 2013 at the Cypress Hill Park Summer Sampler at the Royal Canadian Legion in Maple Creek, SK.  You can come and take a short workshop (1 hr or less) from a variety of the artists who will be doing an Artist Residency at Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park this summer. My Artist Residency will be from July 19-August 5, 2013.  I am really looking forward to the longer session this year.

I will be offering my silk scarf dyeing workshop at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.  Cost is $10 per scarf and includes everything needed to make an 8inx54in silk scarf. There is a limited of 12 persons per session so you should call Connie Phillips at (306)662-3629 to reserve your space.


Snow Dyeing

Hi – it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but I’ve been very busy in the studio snow dyeing batch after batch of scarves and fabrics the past couple of weeks. Racing Mother Nature to use the snow before she melts it.

You can see what I’ve been up to by checking my Skyswept  Designs Facebook Page


I’ve been “live” facebooking through several sessions lately.

First Workshop for 2012 – Silk Scarf Dyeing

 Tonight was the first workshop for 2012.  It was a private booking for Dyeing Scarves with Color Hue Dyes activity.  We ended up with 4 girls, a mom & her friend + another mom (my friend) who helped out.  These are usually fairly relaxed events that take from 1-2 hrs depending on how many ppl there are plus how involved in colour mixing the participants want to be + how many scarves they make. Sometimes it’s a birthday party activity (love getting to share in the birthday treats!)  I’ve done this activity with all ages (2-92 yrs), all kinds of groups (seniors, youth, school and special needs groups) and even families wanting to make gifts for themselves and others. I’ve even done it on a drop-in basis as guest artist at Cypress Hills Park last August http://skysweptdesigns.com/2011/08/silk-scarf-dyeing-at-cypress-hills-park/ .    

New method of twisting scarf

  Angie ( a mom) used a new (to me) technique for twisting her scarf.  She did both of her scarves in the same fashion.     

2nd scarf done with new twisting

results from using new twisting technique

  The colour choices for her second scarf were quite interesting as well.  I may have to try this combination myself (another bonus of having different people in the studio is finding new colour combinations I may not have thought of on my own.  

another new technique - dyeing the hem itself

  Chloe  took the time to painstakingly dye the hem by itself which was a very nice and different effect I had not seen or done before.  Another technique to try!  

Kaitlin's Scarf - such rich colour

  Kaitlin  used just one colour and kept adding dye until she achieved the rich colour she wanted.   


adding dye drop by drop

Jessica took the time to add her dye drop by drop to achieve the look she wanted.   

Jessica's scarf completed

I love the subtle colour changes and pools of colour in Jessica’s scarf.   

Corey used a variety of colours

 Corey used a variety of colours in her scarf to good effect, escaping the dreaded brown results from mixing opposites on the colour wheel.  She had made a scarf previously when Girls on the Move visited my studio in May 2011 and had requested her mom to book this activity to celebrate her birthday.  

Marvann's scarf using another new twisting technique

Marvann gave me a challenge – to mix her the 2012 Pantone colour of the year Tangerine Tango.  I had a bit of challenge mixing it but came up with a colour she liked.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of her finished scarf using her new (to me) method of twisting the scarf before dyeing it.  

Each participant ended up making 2 scarves so it was a fairly busy couple of hours before we got the the cake Marvann had made (very tasty!).  All in all it was a great way to start 2012 workshops.  

If you’re interested in having your own scarf dyeing or other fun crafty activity for yourself and at least 4 friends, contact me by phone or email (info on contact page) to set up an activity for you.  I can handle up to 10 (sometimes) people per 1-2 hr activity in my studio.  More might require an alternate venue.  I’m happy to discuss options with you.    



Silk Scarf Dyeing at Cypress Hills Park

Today I went to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park again as  Guest Artist to do my  Silk Scarf Dyeing Workshop at the Artist’s Cabin located near the Park entrance.

the gazebo beside the Artist's Cabin where we held today's workshop

One of the first things Geoff asked me when I arrived was whether I brought the cat (Stanza).  I told him she stayed home since I had to go straight back to work after the workshop.  This is how Stanza probably spent her day (as she does most days).  Curled up in “her” recliner!

Stanza in her current favourite snoozing spot - the recliner

Geoff Phillips helped me get set up before the 11 am start time.  There were spaces for 12 people to dye scarves at one time.  I wondered if they would all be used.  Since the workshop was advertised from 11am – 1 pm, I expected to have people coming and going at various times.

tables under outside gazebo set up for workshop

another view of outdoor workshop set up

To my surprise, we had all 12 places filled  by/at 11 and we started a “waiting list” for the next group that would start when the first ones were finished.  Some of those waiting hung around to watch the first group. Today’s participants told me they were from Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and a number of other locations when asked.

participants busily dyeing their scarves

I made a list at the studio to make sure I remembered everything but didn’t think to put my plastic “sundae” dishes on it.  those allow participants to mix their own colours from the pre-mixed ones I have on hand.  they are definitely going on the list for NEXT time! 

more participants in the 1st group creating their scarves

One of the fun things about conducting workshops is to watch what people’s colour choices are and how they combine colours.  In every workshop I gain new ideas for future versions of the workshop. Sometimes this might be a new way of scrunching or folding the scarves, sometimes a new set of colour combinations.

a variation of dyeing the scarves

 This time the variation was a form of colour blocking the scarf.  where the colour blocks overlap, another colour is created.  I will definitely be trying this myself.  Thanks Kristina!  Kristina and her daughter were at Cypress Hills Park with their family for the Summer Star Party.  She told me she was glad there was a “girly” activity option to choose from.

We did have a couple of male participants as well.  Geoff Phillips, Artist-in-Residence at the Park, participated as well as helping me set up and clean up. 

Geoff Phillips showing his scarf

There was also a young boy about 7  or 8 who came with his mom and 2 sisters.  He made his own colour choices and created a lovely scarf that I would love to wear for fall! 

the young boy's scarf being created

 His youngest sister was also our youngest participant today – she was 4 yrs old – here is her scarf in process

our youngest participant's scarf in process of being dyed

her older sister's very colourful scarf

 I usually suggest to participants that they pick 2 colours that can combine to make a 3rd colour.  To help them out – we use the colour wheel to pick colours and show which ones they might NOT want to choose with this process where the colours can combine while being dyed.  Of course the colour wheel wasn’t on the list I made so I didn’t bring it.  I will definitely be making master list for workshop supplies to take when I’m out of the studio!!

We ended up having about 23-25 participants in the workshop today in 2 sittings.  I had a last minute person come and want to participate, but I had sold all but a few of my scarf blanks.  She didn’t want to make a scarf with the blanks I had left.  Some participants made more than one scarf during their session. 

Kristina and her daughter's scarves - I just had to photograph them on the bushes

I want to thank Geoff Phillips and Connie Gibbens, Melody Hergyl, and Friends of Cypress Hills Park  for inviting me to participate as a Guest Artist with my Fusible Fibre Art and Silk Scarf Dyeing workshops.  It was an interesting and fun experience for me and it seemed like the participants had fun as well. Creating art should be enjoyable.  Getting to do it outdoors just adds another dimension to the process!

Silk Scarf dyeing with 10-11 yr olds

One of the activities I offer at my studio is the chance to hand dye your own silk scarf. I started this with a group of seniors last year at the request of their recreation director. Since then I’ve had several groups of folks come and do some silk scarf dyeing. I will do it for as few as 4-5 and this party was for 11 (including a mom). It’s not specifically a workshop, but more of an activity. I show them my array of scarves and they pick colours from those.

Color Hue dyed silk scarves

We learn a bit about the colour wheel (what colors work together and what colours don’t) and depending on the group – some may even mix their own colours from the pre-mixed dyes I have ready for them. I instruct the folks how to use the medium – get them to practice with plain water as well as extra dye on paper towels before actually dyeing their scarf. When they feel comfortable with the tools, techniques, then we start dyeing scarves. It’s fun to watch as hesitation moves to comfort and experimentation.

Dyeing her own scarf

Depending on the group, what they want to do and how many scarves they want to dye, it usually lasts from 1-2 hrs. The girls and I had fun and they themselves some lovely scarves. I heard talk of them planning to wear them to school on the same day.

showing off their finished scarves

When everyone is all done, they put their wet scarf in a baggy to take home – with drying and care instructions.  Lots of happy faces here.  They were really pleased with their results.

all finished and ready to take home

 After they were done with their scarf dyeing activity, they did the usual birthday party activities.  I was even lucky enough to get to share in the birthday cake!  I should have take a picture of it.  Mom make a small cake iced looking like tie dye with assorted cupcakes around it in honour of the scarf dyeing.  Very creative.

Bonus snow dyeing session

The weather here has been quite unseasonable of late which has worked well to my advantage for snow dyeing.  The day I left for Quilt Canada in late April we had a couple of inches or so on the ground – enough for me to consider delaying my departure so I could do some dyeing and let it batch until I came home – sanity prevailed though when I thought through the logistics.  When I got home, we had some more unsettled weather and a few days after I got home I woke to this view

May 5, 2010 - early am

I decided there would be enough snow around the E-Centre grass that I would be able to snow dye at least 10 bins of scarves if I got at it right away before the snow melted.

collecting snow from the top of the picnic table at the E-Centre

There was enough snow on the top of the picnic table to fill the bin – enough for about 10 bins of dyed items.  There was still lots on the grass surround the building as well but it would be harder to gather up.  My friend Elaine from tooaquarius.com was visiting my studio that day to discuss getting my website online so she helped gather and took this picture of me.  You can see it was not that cold by the jacket I have on – my spring/fall one.

here are the bins of snow dyed items in process

I managed to get about 18 bins dyed – for a total of about 38 scarves as some bins had 2 or 3 scarves and some only 1 (the large hand woven rayon scarves are a yard of fabric per scarf).

closeup of the burgund/chino bin partway through the melting process

I love to check on the bins now and then during the process to see the snow melting and how the color patterns are developing.  If I see any undyed edges sticking up- I poke them down into the dye so they get to take on some colour as well.

latest batch of snow-dyed scarves drying on hangars in the studio

This group of snow dyed scarves had a variety of silk habotai, silk charmeuse, hand woven cotton and hand woven rayon scarves in the mix.  Because I only have about 50 or so snow-dyed scarves this year until it snows again – they will only be for sale at Traditions Handcraft Gallery in Regina http://bit.ly/c41AZn or from me at the SCC Craft Council sales or other fine quality craft sales I participate in while they last.

I can hardly wait to see the dye patterns when I iron them!  It’s always a treat to see what comes out in the ironing.

More scarves on their way


Scarves chosen by Jacinda for sale at Empire Clothing

These are the scarves that have headed over to Empire Clothing in Swift Current after Jacinda picked them out on Monday evening. She has a selection of my scarves including the jewel toned silk velvet, hand woven rayon ones with fringe, and the  silk habotai brights and painted scarves – all but 2 of the painted scarves that were there have sold, including the one I borrowed for my jurying interviews in March.  Looks like I will need to get to work painting some more scarves in May!  Jacinda has a shop full of interesting accessories and is the only retail location carrying my scarves in Swift Current.

Otherwise it’s been a fairly busy day preparing to leave for Quilt Canada in Calgary next week.  I finally found my Delegate package so I can gather and pack my supplies for the 2 2 day workshops I will be taking with Sandra Meech.  I am looking forward to 4 days just working on my own work!!

Snow Dyed Scarves now at Traditions Handcraft Gallery

Today I took my snow-dyed scarves to Traditions Handcraft Gallery  in Regina  http://www.traditionshandcraftgallery.ca/  Since these are a limited edition due to the weather (snow gone!) she took most of them (13).  The remaining few will be put up on my ArtFire shop in May.  I have not had time to photograph the snow dyed scarves individually, but I did take  photos of them by size.

8"x54" snow-dyed silk charmeuse scarves

8″x54″ snow-dyed silk charmeuse scarves

14"x72" snow-dyed silk charmeuse scarves

11"x60" handwoven cotton snow-dyed scarves

11"x60" snowed dyed handwoven cotton scarves

14"x72" snow dyed handwoven cotton scarves

I I also managed to get to Milky Way Ice cream shop in Regina http://bit.ly/8Xa4D6.  I heard about it the other day on CBC.  It seems to be one of the signs of spring in Regina when it opens.  Their claim to fame is that they telephone folks and tell them what the flavour of the day for the soft ice cream is – oh yes – they have the regular flavours of soft ice cream – choc, vanilla , choc/vanilla twist, strawberry/vanilla twist - but also have a flavour of the day – today’s was creme de menthe so I passed on it.  It really is the best soft icecream I’ve had – and I’ve had some good stuff.  I think it may become a regular part of my Regina visits on Wednesdays – it’s only a few blocks from Broad Street.  It’s a family owned business and only takes cash.