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Highway 1 Studio Tour

I was invited to be one of the participating artists in this year’s Highway 1  Studio Tour from Rush Lake, SK to Chaplin SK along the Trans Canada Highway.  Since I live in Swift Current, outside the studio tour parameters, I will be set up at the Herbert Train Station   along with Elaine Robitaille, a polymer clay artist.  I can’t believe that in a month it will all be over.    Last night we had our last meeting/potluck  in Chaplin (the far end of the tour from me) to confirm details and decide what else needed to be done before the tour takes place.  I will be distributing posters and rack cards plus some other publicity tasks. 

Today, a few of us were at the at Art Gallery of Swift Current to help Marsha arrange the display window. I a variety of items over so she could pick what she wanted to use of my things.

my items in display

 It took about 2 hrs to get everything chosen and arranged in the window amidst much comment and joking.  There are still a few items to add – one couple is away at a family reunion. Marsha’s vision of how it should look showed everyone’s work off wonderfully.  Holly’s quilt became a focal point and tied everything together.

Hwy 1 Studio Tour Display Case arranged

Having the items on display at the the Art Gallery/Public Library building means a lot of folks will see it and be encouraged to come visit the artists at their studio/displays.  Most sites on the tour have a couple of artists there.   Check out the artists and their locations on the tour website The weekend of Sept 24 – 25/10 has been designated Cultural Days in Canada and there are a number of cultural activities scheduled across the country and in our area as well.