First Workshop for 2012 – Silk Scarf Dyeing

 Tonight was the first workshop for 2012.  It was a private booking for Dyeing Scarves with Color Hue Dyes activity.  We ended up with 4 girls, a mom & her friend + another mom (my friend) who helped out.  These are usually fairly relaxed events that take from 1-2 hrs depending on how many ppl there are plus how involved in colour mixing the participants want to be + how many scarves they make. Sometimes it’s a birthday party activity (love getting to share in the birthday treats!)  I’ve done this activity with all ages (2-92 yrs), all kinds of groups (seniors, youth, school and special needs groups) and even families wanting to make gifts for themselves and others. I’ve even done it on a drop-in basis as guest artist at Cypress Hills Park last August .    

New method of twisting scarf

  Angie ( a mom) used a new (to me) technique for twisting her scarf.  She did both of her scarves in the same fashion.     

2nd scarf done with new twisting

results from using new twisting technique

  The colour choices for her second scarf were quite interesting as well.  I may have to try this combination myself (another bonus of having different people in the studio is finding new colour combinations I may not have thought of on my own.  

another new technique - dyeing the hem itself

  Chloe  took the time to painstakingly dye the hem by itself which was a very nice and different effect I had not seen or done before.  Another technique to try!  

Kaitlin's Scarf - such rich colour

  Kaitlin  used just one colour and kept adding dye until she achieved the rich colour she wanted.   


adding dye drop by drop

Jessica took the time to add her dye drop by drop to achieve the look she wanted.   

Jessica's scarf completed

I love the subtle colour changes and pools of colour in Jessica’s scarf.   

Corey used a variety of colours

 Corey used a variety of colours in her scarf to good effect, escaping the dreaded brown results from mixing opposites on the colour wheel.  She had made a scarf previously when Girls on the Move visited my studio in May 2011 and had requested her mom to book this activity to celebrate her birthday.  

Marvann's scarf using another new twisting technique

Marvann gave me a challenge – to mix her the 2012 Pantone colour of the year Tangerine Tango.  I had a bit of challenge mixing it but came up with a colour she liked.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of her finished scarf using her new (to me) method of twisting the scarf before dyeing it.  

Each participant ended up making 2 scarves so it was a fairly busy couple of hours before we got the the cake Marvann had made (very tasty!).  All in all it was a great way to start 2012 workshops.  

If you’re interested in having your own scarf dyeing or other fun crafty activity for yourself and at least 4 friends, contact me by phone or email (info on contact page) to set up an activity for you.  I can handle up to 10 (sometimes) people per 1-2 hr activity in my studio.  More might require an alternate venue.  I’m happy to discuss options with you.    



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