BAZAART – 9 Days and Counting


Ironing/Tagging station

I spent today ironing scarves, checking all their tags/labels etc to make sure they are all ready to pack next Thursday (don’t want them to wrinkle any more than they have to).  I only planned to iron the hand-woven cotton ones, but it morphed into doing the ones that were left from the big snow-dye a thon I had in March.  This also included washing any that were soiled from travelling to galleries, etc.  Some just neede the price label added (I’d run out earlier when processing them).  I’m feeling much better about how many snow-dyed scarves I have left for BAZAART.  I have a feeling I may run out before we get snow again (OOPS there’s that 4 letter word).  there are few hand rolled hems that have a broken stitch or 2 to be repaired if I have time as well.  The only thing left to do with them is add them to the BAZAART Inventory and Sale spreadsheet so I have a record of what is going.

Snow-dyed scarves ready to go to BAZAART

My new collapsible racks on wheels were very handy to use while processing the scarves.  They started on one rack, and as they were completed processing, they were moved to the other one.  As I have painted scarves dried and heat set, they will go onto the “processing” rack by my ironing labelling station at the end of my work table so I can sit and iron a few for a “break” from other things needing to be done.  All my labels, tags, tagging gun, sewing kit, etc are in one place now which makes it much easier to get this work done in small pockets of time as I find them.

I think I’m going to have set a daily quota of snow-dyed fabric yardage to iron and process each day so it can all be done before next week as well.  Some is ironed but needs labelling, pricing and placing on hangars, ready to pack next week.

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