Scarves now available at Drury Lane Fashions in Maple Creek

Today I took my scarves to Drury Lane Fashions in Maple Creek, SK  for the owner, Joanna Drury to choose some for her store.  And choose she did!  18 scarves ended up being chosen – one of which was bought by a customer while I was there.

Here is the assortment of scarves she chose:

Scarves for Drury Fashions

 Joanna liked the scarves I had dyed with the Procion Mx dyes (upper left hand of the photo) so I will be making more of them when I am dyeing other things. They have a more overall solid look too them than the ones with the Color Hue dyes.  She also told me that the blue in the snow dyed scarf I was wearing that day would go good with denim (a very popular fabric here) so I will also be dyeing more of that color.  I really appreciated her insights and comments and will be using them to create a karger variety scarves.

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